In operation since 2006, Engemed Indústria results from years of dedication and investment in Research and Development, as well as the constant teaching and training of its highly specialized technicians and engineers.

100% Brazilian, Engemed finally consists of a great alternative to imported medical equipment by offering international-grade technology and the easy access to technical assistance and parts and pieces.

Engemed is a national manufacturer of hospital medical equipment in the fields of Extra and Intracorporeal Lithotripsy and is getting ready to expand its business so as to keep aligned with its mission: to make cutting-edge medical technology available for society's welfare through the diversification and enhancement of its products and services.

In constant growth, Engemed has remodeled and expanded its factory, in 2010, in order to guarantee continuous technological innovation and high quality standards in the development of new products. Now with larger premises, increased production capacity, higher efficiency and promptness, Engemed can reassure clients they will keep getting the best cost-benefit balance, the best payment terms, as well as quality and reliability in the purchase of our products.

Our medical devices are produced by qualified professionals, following internal standard procedures and the technical directives applied to each piece of equipment. During the assembly process, tests are run in order to ensure products have been made within the established standards.

To ensure high quality products, Engemed keeps a Quality Control Department that inspects and carries out final tests in all produced devices so that they can be approved and okayed for purchase by clients. Every product is tested to make sure they comply with the directives and technical standards followed by the company.

Engemed has a warehouse which was especially built to store finished products and prevent them from physical damage and contamination before sales.

In order to guarantee maximum availability and promptness in helping clients, Engemed keeps a large stock of parts and pieces. We make use of a constant replenishment policy, receipt and storage procedures and periodical stocktaking to ascertain the number and integrity of stored materials. All materials are labeled accordingly so that both obsolete and damaged items can be removed from the warehouse.

To make cutting-edge equipment, Engemed constantly invests in its Projects Department, responsible for developing new products. The Projects Department is also responsible for the establishment of technical specifications for every component and the approval of suppliers so that all medical equipment is produced to meet our clients' needs and to follow the applicable technical directives.