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Autoclavable Transducer

For Intracorporeal Pneumatic Ballistic Lithotripters

Autoclavable Transducer

Engemed innovates once more with the launch of the autoclavable transducer for its Intracorporeal Pneumatic Ballistic Lithotripter.

The main feature of the transducer is the sterilization method by autoclave: it can be exposed to high-pressure water vapor at 121ºC for 15 minutes. This method is the most reliable existing one when it comes to infection control once direct exposure to water saturated vapor, under the right conditions of temperature, pressure and time, is capable of destroying all kinds of microorganisms. Besides, autoclaving is your assurance of a safe process, short time consuming, high productivity and low costs for hospitals and clinics.

The transducer also means more patient safety during handling.


  • New design: lighter and more anatomical, it provides users with more comfort.
  • Higher efficiency: it enables more precise procedures with lower pressure levels and less propulsion of the target calculus.
  • Vibratory system which does not need adjusting (it is no longer necessary to use silicon springs for adjusting).
  • Practical transducer handling (the new system prevents the piston from getting off).

Documents for download

Folder do produto

Folder do produto

Calculitus - Litotritor Intracorpóreo Penumático Balístico